Home Abundance Clarity-herbal bundles

Home Abundance Clarity-herbal bundles

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PERFECT FOR HouseWarming Party & Ceremonies


Personally foraged white sage bundles wrapped along with rosemary, baby blue eucalyptus, willow eucalyptus, evergreen, white rose petals, bay leaves, blue thistle, chamomile and pine needles. 



    Bay Leaves: Manifestation, divination, success, and money


    Pine Needles and Evergreen: Protective, healing, and nurturing.


    Eucalyptus: For healing and protection. 


    Rosemary: For removing negative energies associated with sickness, and clearing. 


    Lavender: Brings peace, relaxation, and restful sleep; purity and love. 


    Chamomile: For protection and purification.


    White Sage or Salvia Apiana: Used to clear negative energies from objects, space, or people.


    Rose Flowers and Petals: Attracting love, conferring peace, stimulating sexual appetites and enhancing beauty.


    Juniper Leaf: For purification, protection, bringing luck and exposing truth.


    Blue Thistle: For purification, protection, bringing luck and exposing truth.


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